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Combi Boilers

About Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are far more efficient than older boilers because they use more gas due to their design and the deficiencies after long time usage. Older boilers over 10 years old are almost certain to have less efficiency than the new combi boilers available today. T&S offer only ‘A’ rated energy efficient combi boilers which equates to around 90% or more in saving fuel, that means a lesser impact on your wallet.

This means that the energy extraction of heat from the gases normally wasted in older boilers isn’t wasted in combi boilers. This loss of energy is down to the gases that are being ejected out of the flue in non-combination boilers. Combi boilers have a secondary heat exchanger so even if there are gases escaping from the primary heat exchanger it is still caught in the secondary heat exchanger. This means there are fewer gases that escape and at a lower temperature which means more heat is kept. The effect of this cooling method causes water vapour to condense (hence the name combi or combination boiler) which will form water droplets that are drained out of the boiler into a drain.

Pros and Cons of Combi Boilers


  • You do not need a water tank fitted and all water gets heated as and when it’s needed.
  • They heat the home very efficiently and have fewer carbon emissions.
  • You can fit the boiler in tight spaces.


  • They are not suitable for large homes because lots of appliances can be used and there will be a significant loss in pressure.
  • Combi boilers rely on water pressure.
  • The more facilities used the less the temperature of the water will be.

Overall T&S don’t recommend a combi boiler for large homes with lots of facilities. However for smaller homes combi boilers are very good and could save you a lot of money. T&S can fit all types of boilers for example combi boilers, heat only or a system boiler we are here to help. If you are unsure that a combination boiler is right for you take a look at all our other boiler types and how they match with you.

There are three types of combi boilers.

If you believe a combi boiler will suit your needs then take a look even further and see which type of combi boiler you require.

Oil Boilers Gas Boilers LPG Boilers

Not sure a combi boiler is for you?

Have a look at other boiler types:

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