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System Boilers

System boilers are very economical and heat your home efficiently. Many people cannot tell the difference between a regular boiler and system boiler. So what is the difference? A system boiler takes up less space than a regular boiler because it encompasses the cistern tank and other components but also still provides a solid flow of hot water. T&S recommends a system boiler for slightly larger premises that don’t have the space to give for storage systems.

The system boiler already has lots of major components of a heating system built in so this makes for a quicker and easier installation. Also, the hot water from the system boiler is pumped through the radiators and the hot water cylinder, which in turn delivers a faster response which is more economical and means lower on running costs. As all the major components that are built in it saves space and has many of the pros of a regular boiler.

Pros and Cons of System Boilers

Pros: All major components are built in which means less space is taken up. System boilers are easier to fit and install and are very economical. Provides a faster response for hot water as and when it is needed.

Cons: Unless the cylinder is well insulated it will lose heat.(This is also true for the feed expansion tank in the loft on regular boilers.) If the cylinder is not well insulated you will have to wait for it to heat back up again to run a hot bath. The amount of hot water that can be supplied is dependent up on the size of the tank.


T&S recommend the a system boiler for larger premises that require a lot of hot water for all different facilities. But also don’t have the space for a regular boiler that needs a feed expansion tank in the loft. If you decide the system boiler isn’t for you or you wish to learn about the different types of boilers then you can find our more below.

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