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Boiler 4 life

04 August 2020

A boiler for life, yes you read that correctly. A boiler is something that in our day to day life we don’t really think about, however, it’s something that we use every day. You may not have your boiler on all the way through Summer, but you will always use your hot water.

Boiler 4 life service plan

Boilers can last anywhere between 15-20 years and then, like anything will need to be changed. Imagine not having to think about your boiler ever again.

You won’t even need to worry about the cost of your boiler breaking down in winter because, as part of our boiler 4 life service plan, 24/7 emergency breakdowns are included, and we will replace your boiler free of charge every 15 years.

There is nothing worse than being in the middle of winter and your boiler breaking. Your bills in winter are already on average a lot higher than in the spring and summertime and the boiler for life service plan means your boiler is one less thing to worry about.

Summer is an ideal time to look at getting a new boiler, get prepared for the colder winter months while it’s warm. Boiler installations require your heating and hot water to be off for at least 1 day for the engineers to install your new boiler.

If you are interested in our new scheme released in June 2020 then call our office now on 0115 9202115 and we will be able to book you in a free no obligation survey.

Full terms and conditions available on request, Boiler 4 Life service plan available on new Worcester Bosch boilers installed by T&S Heating.