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Oil Boilers

06 July 2020

There are still many locations across the country, with no gas infrastructure where boilers are fed by oil. In the UK, oil is usually used in ‘wet’ heating systems where the oil-fired boiler will heat the water that provides central heating with the help of radiators and will also heat the hot water.Heatslave Oil

The biggest difference between a gas or electric fed boiler is the fuel has to be delivered to your address. The oil will be delivered and placed into a tank. This means there is always a possibility that the oil will run out, this means you will be left without heating or hot water.

One of the main advantages of an oil boiler is that it offers higher efficiency. This is because they are able to recycle the waste gases that build up in the flue, leading towards more energy production and then turn which improves a home’s heating and hot water production.

An oil combi boiler doesn’t require a hot water storage tank, cylinder, or a cold-water tank. It heats water on demand just like a gas fired combi boiler.

A regular oil boiler fills up a hot water storage tank, meaning it’s going to be suitable for heating systems where there is high hot water demand (larger properties or multiple bathrooms)

You will need to have your oil boiler serviced annually to ensure that the boiler is running to its full potential and also safely. The service will also be able to distinguish whether you require any new parts. An oil boiler service usually takes between 1 and 1½hrs, during this time the engineer will check the following …

• Visually inspect the boiler and all associated pipes or areas (including your oil tank and supply pipe), to make sure that they comply with current safety regulations. • Inspect and clean out the flue. • Replace the boiler nozzle. • Check for water in your oil tank. • Use a flue gas analyser to check combustion. • Check the supply pipe for any signs of leakage. • Remove the boiler casing and clean internal components (like the heat exchanger and burner). • Test all safety systems to make sure that they are functioning correctly (this includes any thermostats, pressure relief valves, and burner lockout devices). • Ask if you have experienced any issues with the boiler. • Turn the boiler on to check that it is working correctly.

If you would like a quotation for new oil fired boiler, or require an oil boiler service call our offices on 0115 9202115.